Intelligent Real-time Interactive Systems Toolkit

Speech synthesis

Controlling synthesis with events

Please refer to the events section

Controlling synthesis from the flow

Please refer to the SystemAgentFlow reference

Phonetic transcriptions and Lipsync

The UPS phone set

Transcriptions should use the Universal Phone Set (UPS).

UPS SAMPA IPA English Swedish
P p p put
B b b big
M m m mat
F f f fork
V v v vat
TH T θ thin
DH D ð then
T t t talk
D d d dig
N n n no
DX t ɾ butter (US)
S s s sit
Z z z zap
L l l lid
SH S ʃ she
ZH Z ʒ pleasure
R r ɻ red
J j j yard
W w w with
K k k cut
G g g gut
NG N ŋ sing
H h h help
CH tS t.ʃ / ʧ chin
JH dZ d.ʒ / ʤ joy
I i: i feel sil
U u: u too bot
IH I ɪ fill
UH U ʊ book bott
O @U o go hål
AX @ ə ago hellre
EH e ɛ pet häl
ER 3: ɜ bird (UK)
AH { ʌ cut
AO Q ɔ dog håll
AE { æ cat kärr
AA A: ɑ father mall
Q Q ɒ hot
EI eI e.ɪ late
AU aU ɑ.ʊ foul
OI OI ɔ.ɪ toy
AI aI ɑ.ɪ bite
IYX I@ i.ə fear
EHX e@ ɛ.ə stairs
UWX U@ u.ə lure
OWX @U o.ə boa
AOX U@ ɔ.ə four

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