Intelligent Real-time Interactive Systems Toolkit

Using IrisTK in research

IrisTK is an excellent tool for doing research on spoken human-machine interaction. It comes with easy-to-use logging functionality and the dialogue is easy to design, using the provided XML-based formalism IrisFlow.

At KTH, we have used IrisTK in many research projects. This video shows a dialog system that was exhibited at the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology in 2014, where our robot head Furhat plays a game with two visitors. The video is best viewed in 1080p and fullscreen.

We have done several studies using this system. For example, we have used it to build data-driven models of turn-taking:

Johansson, M., & Skantze, G. (2015). Opportunities and Obligations to Take Turns in Multi-Party Human-Robot Discussions about Objects. In Proceedings of SIGDIAL. Prague, Czech Republic.

In this video, we have implemented a dialog system where Furhat can do a “Map Task” with a user:

You can read more about the system and experiment in:

Skantze, G., Hjalmarsson, A., & Oertel, C. (2014). Turn-taking, Feedback and Joint Attention in Situated Human-Robot Interaction. Speech Communication, 65, 50-66.

Using IrisTK in education

At KTH, we are using IrisTK for labs and for project work in a course called “Mutlimodal interaction and interfaces”. These are some examples of systems that students have built using IrisTK (about two-three weeks of work).

A city explorer application

A virtual doctor

A calendar application

A travel booking system

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