Intelligent Real-time Interactive Systems Toolkit

A Dialog System Framework

IrisTK is a Java-based framework for developing multi-modal interactive systems. IrisTK provides:

A Social Robotics Platform

IrisTK is especially designed to be a powerful framework for social robotics applications. IrisTK is used as a software platform for the Furhat robot head developed by Furhat Robotics. You can start using the animated agent that comes with IrisTK, and then easily connect Furhat to your system by changing one line of code. Then you can also upload your application to Furhat as a “skill”.


IrisTK has been used in many experiments and demonstrations at the Department of Speech Music and Hearing, KTH. Here is an example where it is used. The video is best viewed in 1080p and fullscreen.

IrisTK is also excellent for education. You can see some examples of what students have created with it here.


IrisTK is released as open source under the terms of the GNU Public License v3.0.

If your project exceeds the limitations of GPL (for example if you want to distribute your code without revealing the source), other types of licenses can be provided by Furhat Robotics.


If you use IrisTK in your research, please cite the following paper:

Skantze, G., & Al Moubayed, S. (2012). IrisTK: a statechart-based toolkit for multi-party face-to-face interaction. In Proceedings of ICMI. Santa Monica, CA.

Mailing list

If you want to receive information about new releases of IrisTK, or if you have any questions or requests for new features, please use the iristk-users mailing list.

Development and contact

IrisTK is mainly developed by Gabriel Skantze.

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